Akin to Walter Fisher, SpeakLife Communication believes that life is a series of ongoing narratives that are shaped by our histories, culture and character. Through public speaking, professional writing, and facilitation/training SpeakLife Communication uses narratives – personal storytelling, to strengthen the communication experience.

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Storytelling creates a space for advocacy, education, and empowerment. In oral cultures, the griot or community storyteller is responsible for the performance of rituals, entertainment and education of the community. Like the griot, Dr. Morant Williams skillfully crafts her language and personae to create a communal experience with her audience.

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Writing is an essential part of life. More specifically, professional writing is vital in the dissemination of the mission of an organization. Dr. Morant Williams uses her years as a newspaper reporter, her present experiences with academic press and her role as a blogger for the Huffington Post to craft written conversations that clearly address her client’s communication goals.

Recent clients include:

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While social media and other forms of mass communication can reach large groups of people quickly; interpersonal and group communication is more impactful when seeking lasting change. Using a culture centered approach to communication Dr. Morant Williams offers engaging relationships building conversations which lay the foundation for change.